Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park brings you Mansfield’s No1 Indoor Play Cente…. Just blasting in from outer space this galactic indoor zone is another 20,000sq ft of indoor adventures. It is still growing into a ballistic world of fun and there’s much more to come like the Mutant Master Blaster. First to arrive in their UFO are the green eyed aliens.

Martians Mirror Maze

The Martians Mirror Maze is here and it’s different. One hundred eyes watch as you step into the spaceship and become lost in mysterious passageways. They may lead you to an Astronaut floating above the earth or a NASA Rocket spinning in the stratosphere and there are more galaxies of Alien surprises to find. A new out of this world experience where no man has gone before.

Cosmic Cuties

A new play time for toddlers in their own space where they can enjoy interactive fun at their own pace. Little ones can experience a wonderful selection of play which will stretch imagination and bodies.

Android Drivers

Come down from space and grab a car to drive around the new course. Be Lewis Hamilton and show your buddies how to corner like a champion to win the universe championship.

Sports Arena

It’s action time. Bring your buddies to play all your favourite sports in the big arena. There’s space for Mums and Dads on the sidelines to cheer on your team. Bring your coach and practise indoors before the big match. Give us a call and we will arrange discounts for your team, it’s here for you to use and enjoy.

Luna Launch Tower

Catch your breath as you shoot 40ft in the air like a real astronaut.  But hold on tight because you will not be staying up in the air for long.  Remember, astronauts are brave, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Cyber Shuttle

All aboard and buckle up for a journey through our solar system.  Stars will twinkle and planets will glow.  Wave hello to those friendly Martians and watch the rockets whoosh by.  Perfect for those little stars.

Cling on Crater Climbing Wall

How high can you climb?  Harness up and dig your feet deep into the crater wall, climbing higher and higher into the galaxy.  Keep your grip to reach the top!
*Small charge applies.

Mutant Master Blaster

There is a galactic war in the Master Blaster, balls will be shooting everywhere, avoid getting hit and shoot down all the Mutant Aliens.


Dont forget our Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin Competition!

All you need to do to apply is post on our wall with the following:

1. This hashtag #GuessThePumpkinWeightWG
2. Comment your guessed weight

Expiry day 31st October.

Best of luck to you all!
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This looks delicious!!

Making our mouth water!
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Learn how to make a Halloween BBQ pumpkin sausage soup. Presented by Chef Gustavo at ChefChefBBQ from this beautiful Oxnard, Ventura County, California. If you’re looking for more than Halloween c...

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For your chance to WIN 4x Day Passes to come and visit us during our Family Scream Park all you need to do is the following:

1. Like our page/post
2. Comment with your favourite photo of the week
3. Share away! Remember sharing is caring!
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Mad Science will be here on 24th October getting busy and creative with workshops such as slime making and candy floss making!

Book your tickets online to save £££!
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