Stavely Branch Line Train

Climb onto the fun train at the pretty station and it’s all aboard for a ride through Robin Hoods Wheelgate. Chug under the long bridge, past the blue boat and the kids swinging and climbing. Round the bend and it’s time to see the Mine coaster roaring past, wave to the picnickers and head for the Mining town. See the gentle deer grazing and the big barns of the Farm , be amazed by the new indoor Alien Galaxy. Then it’s on the home track to the station and you can all stay on for another first class ride.

Sand Play and Peddlers

Little ones love to play with sand, filling buckets, making castles and learning how to pat it flat, it keeps them happy for hours. When they want some action pick a peddler and peddle like mad round the big space.

Picnic Pavilion

A real little Victorian treasure for you to share your picnic in. Spare a moment from the family fun to imagine the bands that once played in this old band stand with families applauding and enjoying an old fashioned day out. It will make your picnic more special.

Victorian Carousel

Robin Hoods Wheelgate is so proud to share this genuine antique with you. Choose your horse from the old Victorian beauties and hold on tight to the twisted barley sugar pole as you whiz round. Close your eyes and you could be a child long ago enjoying their first ride on the roundabout which was as exciting as a roller coaster is today. A special treat for all the family.

Convoy Drive

Grab a car and join the big convoy driving round the exciting track, something different for big kids and little kids as they can imagine they are steaming down the motorway to holiday at Woodlands Caravan Park. Our sister park in Devon is just the place to park up and enjoy a great holiday.

Astra Glide Racing Slide.

Here’s the big one, the slides you have all been waiting for! Race your buddies down the breathtaking four lane track, this is the winning slide that gives you the thrills you have been looking for. Then throw yourself down the chilling height of the blue Demon slide to experience a wicked sensation.

Swing Climb and Slide

Take your pick from this action packed area. There’s a fort to explore, swings that reach new heights, and zip slides that turn you into a screaming rocket. There is so  much action fun to share with your buddies. You can even show dad the way to whizz round on the roundabout and all the other surprises waiting for you.

High Hazel Mini Mine Coaster

The screams tell you this is a favourite with kids and parents. Hold on to your hats as you climb aboard and get ready for the deep dive as you will be thrown all ways as you shoot round the bends. Expect the big climb up, only to rattle and roll your way down this twisting little monster. You will be queuing  up for more thrills.

Mini Pirate Ship

Ooh! Me Hearties! Its all board this stormy ride. Sit at the end of the ship to get maximum scares, you will need to hold on tight as you soar up and hang onto your breakfast as you sweep back down. It’s the ride that will have coming back for more .

Warsop Vale Colliery Village.

Expect to step back in time when coal was king in Nottingham and the pit was where granddad worked. Pretend you are a miner living in the cottages, buying food from the shops and going down the lift every day into the pitch black with only a small light on your helmet to show you the way through narrow passages. It was a hard life and children knew they would go down the mine when they grew up. You have it easy, kids.

Crazy Golf

All the family can enjoy putting their way round the course. There’s lots of challenges and fun before you can be crowned champion of the Robin Hoods Wheelgate Golf Course.

Deer Pen

These graceful, shy Fallow deer happily graze the green pasture or stand under the shelter of the trees as the train chugs past. Look out for the lovely fawns in the Spring, at first they hide away from predators in the long grass. Soon they will be skipping beside their mothers and playing together in the sunshine. Don’t frighten them, just watch quietly and you can be a real Ray Mears.

Winder Wheels Zip Slides

Sit tight as you speed like a rocket past your admiring family and show you are a top speed master. Hold on to it as you run back or dad will grab it, climb on and show off all the way down the monster track.



Dont forget our Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin Competition!

All you need to do to apply is post on our wall with the following:

1. This hashtag #GuessThePumpkinWeightWG
2. Comment your guessed weight

Expiry day 31st October.

Best of luck to you all!
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This looks delicious!!

Making our mouth water!
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Learn how to make a Halloween BBQ pumpkin sausage soup. Presented by Chef Gustavo at ChefChefBBQ from this beautiful Oxnard, Ventura County, California. If you’re looking for more than Halloween c...

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For your chance to WIN 4x Day Passes to come and visit us during our Family Scream Park all you need to do is the following:

1. Like our page/post
2. Comment with your favourite photo of the week
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Mad Science will be here on 24th October getting busy and creative with workshops such as slime making and candy floss making!

Book your tickets online to save £££!
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