Packed with hot action and old fashioned fun this zone is not to be missed. There is something here for every member of the family.

Oasis Splash Play.

On lovely hot days bring your bathers and dash between the fountains on this big splasher. Big kids and small kids love to play with water and this is designed to give maximum wet enjoyment. You will want to experience waiting for the jets to catch you and give you a drenching. It is even better when you have buddies to share the cool experience with. Who knows you may even persuade Mum and Dad to share the fun.

Birds of Paradise

Take time to slow down and see these beautiful birds from the hot tropics in all their fine feathers and colourful plumes. Their breathtaking flight is a kaleidoscope of blues, scarlets, shining gold and iridescent greens that are quite exquisite. Even the smallest child loves to watch the tiny finches as they gather round the feeder. A very different experience for all the family to share.

Hurricane Plane

Grandpa will be proud to show off the replica of an old fighter who helped win the world war. Imagine flying over the enemy with tracer bullets fling past and search lights seeking you in the dark. Imagine being the gunner in the cramped tail turret blasting the cannons and a fighter trying to shoot you down. Brave men these who flew the small, uncomfortable aircraft for hours on end. Planes to give us all time to play at Wheel gate.

Alpaca Pen

You don’t have to travel all the way to the mountains of South America to meet these cuddly friends with their even more cuddly coat. Cousins of the camel, their noses held high as if there is a bad smell, they are sure to make you all laugh. But beware they can spit if they think you are bringing the bad smell.

Totally Tropical House

A real haven of quiet away from the hurly burly of the whizzing rides, expect to feel the heat when you enter this tropical paradise. Exotic flowers bloom, golden Carp swim in the warm streams and waterfalls as you walk the lush pathways. You will be surprised by the beautiful finches and tiny birds sipping nectar from the flowers and flying close without fear.

Bongo Bouncers

Total fun, these crazy bouncing castles turn you into monkeys, jumping from tree to tree in the jungle. Choose from three champion bouncers, then tackle the jungle assault course which will sort out the champion bouncers from the little leapers. Fun for all.

A real fun ride for toddlers and inbetweeners who are looking for a different experience. Choose your jungley friend from the rascaly rhino, the long necked giraffe, the striped zebra or king lion. Then hold on as it spins round and all you can do is wave frantically to mum as she spins past. They will soon be queuing for more, so get your waving hand in gear.

Mini Jungle Indoor Play

An ideal indoor play centre for little monkeys . They can swing, climb and slide their way through the jungle away from the hassle of big brother. Balancing on nets, shinning up towers and swinging above Mum’s head will keep them happily occupied for ages.

Model Railway

Spend time watching this little masterpiece of miniature steam magic. Trains are puffing under mountains, rattling over viaducts and flashing past little folks waiting at the station. Share this with Grandad, he’ll love it.

Lord of the Rings

You have probably read the book, seen the film but haven’t experienced Middle Earth. Here is your chance to creep through the wild corners of fantasy.

Come and see the man in the big red suit, Santa himself here at Wheelgate Park Christmas Experience!

Price included within Child/Toddler Day Passes and only £5.99 for Child/Toddler Annual Pass & Under 95s!

We hope you have a magical time! 🎅🎄
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Good morning, Wheelgate Park will be open today, however due to weather conditions ONLY the indoor play centres and rides will be open this morning, along with the Animal Adventure Zone also.

Santa will also be in his grotto.

ALL outdoor rides and attractions will be closed and will only open if/when we can.

Please stick to cleared pathways within the park. Thank you.
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Write a letter to Santa and the Elves at The North Pole Post Office will sort them out, get Santa to sign them all personally and send all your lucky children a letter back! 🎅🎅🎄🎄

For more details ask at entrance gates.

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Have some daily cuteness!!

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Just a sausage dog pup enjoying his first bath 😀🐶

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A few more from a great night at party in the park!!!
We really enjoyed having you🎅🎅

See Santa and receive a FREE gift, included within Child/Toddler Day Passes. Only £5.99 for Annual Pass Holders/Under 95cm! Open until Christmas Eve!!!
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